late availability and last minute holidays in independent self catering accommodation in the UK




Last Minute Cottages provides advertising space, for a fee, to the owners/advertisers of self catering and Bed and Breakfast accommodation, to advertise properties for late availability vacancies.

The advertisements are the property of the owners/advertisers and are seen without alteration.

Advertisements will be kept for reference in case of future use, unless otherwise stated by the advertiser.

Although precautions will be taken to ensure the confidentiality and safety of this material, Last Minute Cottages will not be responsible for errors, loss or theft.

The properties have not been inspected by Last Minute Cottages, and we cannot, therefore, confirm that the description given by the owner/advertiser is correct or up to date in every aspect.

Last Minute Cottages aims to provide advertisements for accommodation maintaining high standards of quality, and relies on constructive feedback from clients to ensure that advertisements are correct in their content.

Your contract is made with the owner/advertiser of the property.

Last Minute Cottages will not be liable for any loss arising from the use of any material and information contained in this website, or from use of material and information from other Internet sites accessed via links from this site.

Last Minute Cottages maintains the right to refuse to advertise any property.

Payment for advertising space will be received before the advertisement appears on the web site.

Payment will cover period of availability, as specified. One period advertised on LMC will not exceed 14 days.