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Some feedback from our advertisers

I am sure you will be pleased to know we got a late booking for this weekend straight away so thank you very much!! PH 3.10.2017

I would not want to be without last minute cottages advertising! AS 22.8.2017

We are having a good number of enquiries through your site, so I have recommended you to a friend of mine. CDJ 16.8.2017

Many thanks for promoting our cottage. Already this week had two enquiries via Last Minute Cottages one of which resulted in booking for 4th Aug week. The other was for the same week. A & C N 26/7/2017

That is great. Bookings via your site have been good. SW 19.7.2017

We will definitely be renewing. Thanks for reminder. We love your websites! FN 9.5.2017

Thanks for your great websitesí and for sending me all the valuable leads over the last 12 months. MW 4.5.2017

Thank you for the ongoing bookings, a good 90% of my bookings come from you and I am always full. JJ 28.4.2017

I am delighted with how well the website has been performing lately! ED - 25.4.2017

I would like to add what a superb site yours is to work with for any any changes on availability, updates etc. You are far ahead in your field. KS - 30.3.2017

Wow I cannot tell you how many enquiries and bookings we get through your site so thank you. MC - 23.2.2017

As another busy week draws to an end I thought Iíd drop you a line to say how well LMC & Big Cottages are doing for me. A huge increase in enquiries and confirmed bookings. SC - 17.2.2017

Thank you for all your different enquiries recently. Excellent. And congratulations. AT 13.1.2017

We have been delighted with the level of interest in our property via your site already - amazing! LL 4.1.2017

Just a quick message to say thank you for making it so easy to get back on the web sites and I have already had a booking that has paid :-) JR 2.11.2016

We love what you do, you are a great platform for us! JD 19.7.2016

Well done team on the new website, especially the great easy to use owner's offers section. CP 21.6.2016

Firstly, your site looks really great! JH 15.6.2016

Just to let you know we are really pleased with the number of bookings we have had through you. Best decision we could have made. We now advertise on a couple more sites but yours is by far the most accessible and easy to use from the owners point of view. DB 7.6.2016

thanks for kind rt much appreciated :-) and definitely worth advertising with you as lots of traffic atm. Facebook - 2.2.2016

Advertising websites such as Holiday Lettings would never dream of helping in the way you did. Here you have proof positive that you have helped two of your clients in a way beyond your normal remit - and it's a way that clients really will appreciate as an extra reason to subscribe to your companies' services. I would be happy to give you a quote to use on your websites. PW - 5.3.2016

I just wanted to email to say how brilliant the 'Hen House' website is. I am organising a weekend for a friend who doesn't really know the location or dates and it has been so helpful to have a really easy way to navigate some of the different options - you have a lovely selection of houses in a variety of locations. I am sure we will find the perfect place! C - 21.9.2015

Thanks so much for all you efforts. Your pro activity really is so appreciated !! Thanks again - you run a super and effective business. GQ - 20.11.14

Wow, Iíve finally found a cottage-rental site with a filter for EV charging points, excellent job! Unfortunately you donít have any in N Wales but we will certainly be looking at the ones you do have for our future holidays. Iíve publicised your site on and will also do so on the Tesla community (UK) I frequent. I wish there were more companies out there like yours. LJ 25.9.2014

Thank you but the only week we have left is the 23rd, again all our booking have originated from your website! Thank you!!!! ML - 4.8.2014

Well done and thank you for all your support. LMC works really well for us. SW - 7.1.2014

Thank you to you all for the excellent business which comes our way from your sites and your very prompt service whenever we email you. CP - 27.11.2013

I really have to say that you have been so helpful and pro active with my cottage, i am really impressed! You always reply immediately to my emails and respond positively about every query I have with suggestions about marketing and placing me on twitter and facebook. HMJ 21.10.2013

Just thought I would update you on our other property as well. This year I have sold every weekend/week in 2013 with 37 of the bookings coming from your three sites!!!! Well Done. DN 25.9.2013

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your wonderful team for such an incredibly professional yet personal service. We are delighted with our entry and feel sure that it does a great job of selling our accommodation - a feeling confirmed this morning by our first booking from Last Minute Cottages. A brililant result after only 3 days! Your hard work and commitment is much appreciated. SE - 8.6.2013

Many thanks for your help - would highly recommend your service. J & J H 28.5.2013

Last Minute is probably the most responsive site we advertise with! FH - 23.5.2013

Happy anniversary to the team at Last minute cottage, the best online listing agency we deal with! P&Z - 16.5.2013

With the help of Last minute cottages we have just let our last cottage for the May half term holiday. So thank you very much for offering such a great website; which is also easy to keep up to date. APHC - 14.5.2013

On a different note- although LMC is the most costly site we advertise on, it is the most effective - so money well spent! K & JP 13.5.2013

Just thought I'd say thank you.... our add is doing brilliantly and we appreciate all your help. We're still very aware of being "the new kids in town". - FR 05.05.2013

We have run the cottage now for several years and could not have done so without your excellent website. DC 25.3.2013

Many thanks to both yourself and Judy for all the hard work you put in to your excellent websites. J&S 19.12.2012

Your website is one of the most effective for us and certaily the most user friendly for updates etc. - CL 30.11.2012

Thank you very much for your help and success for us with you website. Itís been very valuable and often produces reactions to any last minute postings we may have for short notice rentals. A & A C - 23.10.2012

Weíre getting plenty of enquiries through Last Minute Cottages, weíre very pleased. Thank you. JK - 9.10.2012

We love Last Minute Cottages and get a lot of business through you. AS - 8.10.2012

I have been very pleased with the amount of enquiries from your site, thank you! AI - 1.10.2012

I would just like to say Iím getting a great response from my adverts and would like to thankyou all very much. YM - 29.9.2012

Thank you so very much for your excellent service. AD 17.9.2012

You are wonderful. And it is so nice to know you are there actually reading what your customers say. EEP - 9.9.2012

@lmcottages thank you for RT. Your website has been brilliant! - WL 30.8.2012

One of the cottages has already gone this morning! Hard to keep up. Thanks for all you do for us. RH - 24.8.2012

@lmcottages Cheers Jill! Last Minute Cottages is such a great site to advertise our Last Minute Bookings on! - HC 12.8.2012

Just want to say I am completely thrilled- we got our new cottage advertised with you just two days ago and I have had a booking for next week already, and one for two weeks time. I was panicking we would have missed the boat for this summer- but you have really saved the day! LH - 3.08.2012

Many thanks! Seem to get more enquiries from LMC than anywhere else! JC - 11.07.2012

First of all I must start with a thank you for the superb support your website gives our business. It is not an exaggeration to say that the vast majority of our bookings come via you. JH - 9.7.2012

We have already let our property for 2 weeks in August via you - so we are delighted with that, especially as it means funding for us to take our family on an adventure! - MH 9.6.2012

We always appreciate the superb service you provide to your advertisers. It's always so cheering to receive excellent service from small businesses nowadays, when we all suffer apalling customer 'care' from so many of the huge service providers today. R & SS 1.6.2012

JUST TO SAY HOW IMPRESSED I HAVE BEEN WITH YOUR SITE SO FAR . We had our first booking via your site for last weekend from a couple who saw the advert on Friday i.e. the day after you put us up. They came stayed 3 nights and enjoyed. RM - 8.5.2012

Thanks again for all your help Ė fab customer service as always. SB 25.4.2012

Have already got booking through you so very pleased. JR - 27.3.2012

You have been amazing ... thank you. DA - 23.2.2012

Your advertising has been fantastic Ė I canít believe how many enquiries I have had and I would recommend you to anyone. MW - 8.2.2012

Thanks for doing a great job last year - your site 'did what it said on the tin' and we were fully booked for summer 'last minute'. All of our guests were happy customers. We actually could have booked the house several times over! JH - 5.1.2012

We would just like to say a huge thank you for our listing ... it only went live yesterday afternoon and already we have had 5 website enquiries - fantastic!!! JS - 4.1.2012

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