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Holiday Cottages with Hot Tubs, Lodges with Hot Tubs and Log Cabins, Hot Tub Breaks

Holiday Cottages with Hot Tubs, Lodges with Hot Tubs and Log Cabins, Hot Tub Breaks

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When taking a holiday what more could you want than rest and relaxation? What better way to do this than by renting a beautiful cottage complete with its own luxurious hot tub. A hot tub break is the ultimate way to relax. Many of our cottages have gorgeous bubbling pools ready to help you unwind and relax.

The late availability luxury cottages above all have fully serviced, easy to operate hot tubs, designed to allow you to escape from the daily chores of life, and enjoy your break. Prefer a lodge or log cabin? We also have plenty of lodges with hot tubs or log cabins with hot tubs for your UK holiday. Go for an invigorating walk through the countryside with your whole family, admiring the picturesque scenery surrounding you, and working off that big Sunday lunch you just ate! Then return back to soak, warm up, and unwind in your own private hot tub.

Hot tubs have long been recognised by people as the ultimate luxury and indulgence: the Romans were the civilization that perhaps best demonstrates this, with their Roman Baths essentially the earliest forerunners of the modern hot tub. China and Japan also have an extensive history of using hot tubs, both to heal, and as a place to come together and relax and talk. The benefits of a hot tub cannot be understated as recent research has shown using one can help with a remarkable number of aliments. As soon as you immerse yourself in the waters you immediately lose 90% of your body weight thus lessening the load on your heart by 20-30%, significantly contributing to that feeling of contentment you'll experience.

Combined with the obviously therapeutic massages of the tub's jets, your body will immediately begin to unwind and enjoy; twenty minutes in a hot tub has been proven to help relieve high blood pressure, and chronic headaches and pain caused by stress. A little known fact is that the use of hot tubs has been proven to help insomniacs, or those suffering from lack of sleep owing to severe pain. This is because as the body's temperature is raised a feeling of drowsiness is induced, coupled with the luxurious massaging water jets, a sure nights sleep is bound to be achieved. The use of a hot tub can also help arthritis as the hot waters help to keep joints moving, restore and preserve strength and flexibility, and will help return a fuller range of motion and protect joints from further damage. Aside from the numerous health benefits, hot tubs are great sociable places. Sharing a glass of wine with friends in a log cabin with a hot tub is a great way to add a bit of excitement to your holiday, and will be something that you will be sure to remember. Children will love the novelty of a hot tub, especially after a long day outside playing, it's the perfect place to chill out and talk, reliving the moments of the day.

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