Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Once a property is advertised on any of our sites, Last Minute Cottages, Big Cottages and The Hen House, a renewal invoice will be automatically emailed to you after your year's advertising unless you have agreed a shorter advertising time with us. Please note that if you have more than one property you will receive a separate invoice for each. Payment must be made within 14 days of invoice. If you no longer wish to renew your advertisement just let us know and we will remove it for you and void your invoice.

Late payments will result in the removal of the advertisement until payment is received after the due date has passed.

We do not routinely charge a set up fee but in the event of your advertisement being removed from the site due to late payment you will be charged a set up fee of £42 for a single re-instatement.

LMC reserves the right to alter prices without notice. Prices will be published on this page or are available by email upon request. It is not our policy to increase prices within any one calendar year.

LMC has no responsibility for breaches of trust between accommodation providers and users nor for any misleading advertising content supplied by the accommodation providers. Ensure your details are correct and check upon publication. Thereafter it is your responsibility to inform us of any changes or updates that may be relevant to your advertisement on Last Minute Cottages, Big Last Minute Cottages or The Hen House.

In the case of any disputes or breaches of trust between the advertiser and the user, LMC reserves the right to remove the property without further notice and without refund until the issue is resolved. If disputes or breaches of trust are repeated LMC reserves the right to remove a property from the site permanently.

LMC reserves the right to decide which geographic area any property on the site can be included in. This usually means that a property has to be within 3 miles of a specified area or county.

We believe the various terms specified on this web site to be reasonable and fair for all. In the event of any advertisers breaching these terms we reserve the right to cancel membership and advertisements immediately without notice or refund.


Our customers have the right to cancel their annual advertisement with us within seven days of either payment being made or their property advertisement going live (whichever is the longer). Please advise us by phone or email and we will return your payment.

There may be other circumstances outwith the seven day period where a refund is deemed necessary - e.g. technical problems where the customer is not getting the service they believed they signed up for or fraudulent use of a card. In such cases refunds will be given at our discretion.

Please note that where people have advertised in contravention of our terms as described on this page, a processing charge will be deducted from the refund.

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